2022 Jul 14
How Long Should Coffee Rest (Post Roast)
A re-analysis showing the importance of random effects, assumptions, and experimental design

2022 Jan 25
Using data to show that the Chiefs vs Bills game was the most exciting game this season

2022 Jan 14
Using the tidyverse to visualize comments from/r/Packers game threads

2022 Jan 07
Three important skills for supporting clinical trial design as pharma statistician

2022 Jan 04
The complexity of dealing with missing data, variable selection, and cross validation for prediction models

2021 Feb 03
Introduction to Conducting Interim Analyses Using Alpha Spending

2018 Jan 15
Visualizing genomic deletions in R

2018 Jan 08
Explaining frequentist confidence intervals

2017 May 24
Calculating WAIC from Bayesian AFT models run in JAGS
How the loo and R2jags packages make Bayesian computation fun and easy in R

2017 Feb 26
Cropping Images with a Shiny App
Or why they call me Mr. Adobe

2017 Feb 24
Tips for Visiting Graduate Programs
Advice from a 2nd year PhD student

2017 Feb 07
Visualizing life expectancy in Baltimore with ggmap and ggplot2
Learning how to visualize spatial data with R

2017 Jan 25
Blogging with Beautiful Jekyll and R Markdown
How I got my website and blog set up!