Visualizing genomic deletions in R

Recently I’ve been studying about identifying structural variants using short NGS reads. I don’t want to go into detail about structural variants (for more information you can read the Wikipedia page), but I want to briefly show how you can visualize genomic deletions in R with short reads. [Read More]
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Explaining frequentist confidence intervals

For the past two years, I have been a TA for the awesome Public Health Biostatistics course taught by Drs. Margaret Taub and Leah Jager. The course is an introduction to statistics course, aimed at a non-mathematical audience. Frequentist confidence intervals (introduced as just confidence intervals), are the first topic... [Read More]
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Cropping Images with a Shiny App

Or why they call me Mr. Adobe

During the second quarter of our Advanced Data Science Course, we developed Shiny apps for other professors in the School of Public Health. This was a great opportunity to connect with other researchers in the school, in addition to learning how to make a cool Shiny app from scratch. [Read More]
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Tips for Visiting Graduate Programs

Advice from a 2nd year PhD student

With prospective PhD students coming to visit our department in a week, I thought I would write up some advice on what to look for when visiting a graduate program. Although I only visited biostatistics programs, hopefully some of this advice can be applied to any graduate program visit. There... [Read More]
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